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Can a leadership ministry make a difference? Within the last month our ministry has received three communications that would help answer that question.

The first is from a rapidly growing church in a different state that is already averaging over 1,200 people in worship. This fall I spent a Friday with 20 members of their staff. On Saturday I did a three hour seminar with 47 of their leaders. I preached there on Sunday. Part of the letter read:

“God moved quickly here within weeks after John Ed told us to “not let the size of the shoe determine the size of the foot.” We went from 11.8 acres to 20.6 within five days after learning about 4 acres that were available. My incoming finance chair told me about the contiguous estate property directly behind our gym/outdoor chapel area on Sunday morning. He said “John Ed said if the door is open we have to walk through it…”

On Monday, we investigated and found out they had an extra acre…also contiguous to our campus. We made an offer on the 5 acres that included 2 houses and got it all for $445,000. The day that offer was accepted another 3.8 acres of undeveloped land…also contiguous to our back parking lot and retention pond…became available and that family also wanted the church to have the land and sold to us for $159,900.

Given that an adjacent parcel of 1.25 acres with a house just sold for $605,000…we just know this was a God Thing! 8.8 acres and two houses for less than a 1.25 acre parcel with one house sold for…The door opened and the leadership here had the Faith to walk through. Now we go back to our Architects and design company and let them look to paint the new picture on a much bigger canvas. Glory to God!”

Second – I participated in a preaching mission in a church in Virginia. I spent some time meeting with church leaders and pastors. Here is a note we just received.

“Things have really been taking off around here. There has been a huge influx of new members and we have expanded our ministries by hiring an Older Adult Ministries Coordinator. Also, we have opened our own Thrift Store named Helping Hands Thrift Store. All monies go back into the community to help this economically depressed area.

Please know you, John Ed and the entire ministry have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. So much of what is happening here now is due to the seeds John Ed planted when he was here over 4 years ago. Yes, we are slow, but sure!!”

Third – I recently preached in a church on commitment Sunday. Here is a portion of the letter we received.

“On behalf of our entire Stewardship Committee, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your outstanding message this past Sunday. Your meaningful words on Christian tithing were God-inspired and truly inspirational.

As a result, our Consecration Sunday and Celebration Luncheon were successful beyond our expectations, and we thank you for the vital role you played in that achievement. No doubt, you inspired and motivated us to advance our church’s work for the Kingdom of God. We are truly humbled and grateful for that opportunity and reality.”

Thank you Lord for placing me in this ministry that is making a difference. You give all of us a great opportunity to “make a difference.”

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