March – May 2015 Recap

The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

Dear Friends,

You form the base of people who support this ministry financially and prayerfully.  I want to share with you how your resources have been used during the last three months – March, April, and May.  Here is a brief recap.

  • Preached in 9 different churches in 4 states including Methodists, Baptists, and Assembly of God.  Each church is unique.  I preached at the largest attended Methodist Church in our Annual Conference – Frazer and at my brother George’s church in Auburn on two different Sundays.  I preached in the Hardaway Baptist Church for the 170th anniversary.  The church only has worship once a year for homecoming, but they over 150 people present.  I preached in one church that was celebrating the reworking of its stain glass windows, and I preached at a homecoming at my Dad’s former church in Panama City.
  • Spent two weeks in India training pastors.  India Christianity cannot be described by additions to the church, but by multiplication!  I spent a week in Delhi and a week in Chennai.  There were hundreds of pastors present, many of whom have started multiple churches and won hundreds of people to Christ since I last was with them last September.  I again preached in Chennai at a church that had over 43,000 people present on Sunday in seven different worship services.
  • Officiated at five weddings.
  • Officiated at four funerals.
  • Had unique experiences to speak at the Troy Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting Awards Banquet and at the National Day of Prayer Mayor’s Conference for the Mayors of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and the Gulf Coast, and a Men’s Rally in Andalusia.
  • Consulted with two churches and served as a coach for two pastors.
  • Prepared and published 13 devotional blogs for newspapers and email lists.
  • Recorded and aired 60 radio devotionals and also posted them on Facebook.
  • Spoke at 11 different business events.
  • Participated in conference calls with pastors and lay leaders who are developing a strategy for the United Methodist General Conference which meets in 2016.
  • Consulted with 3 different non-profit ministries.
  • Spent 4 days in New York City with 3 grandsons who have turned 13 in the past year.  This may have been the most exhausting days trying to keep up with them, but also the most enjoyable, productive, and meaningful days.

I have some great opportunities coming up this summer.  Please thank God for the opportunities that He is providing, and pray that our ministry will be responsive and faithful in meeting these opportunities.

Thank you so much for your support.

For the Cause of causes,

John Ed Mathison

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