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I was in Nashville to speak at a Pastors’ Conference held at the Cornerstone Church. This is a huge Assembly of God church located just off I-65 on Old Hickory Blvd. The pastor is Maury Davis.

When I first met Maury at the church he was all dressed up in a stylish suit, tie, etc. He had short cropped hair. He had a very winsome smile on his face. He looked more like a bank executive than he did a pastor.

I immediately wondered how accessible he would be to all of the pastors of different denominations attending. Then I noticed that he was speaking to all of these young pastors. When something needed to be done, like moving a table or rearranging some chairs, he was the first one helping.

At lunch we spent some time together. He was very appreciative of the presentation that I had made that morning. He said that he wished he had had the opportunities for training that I had.

He then explained that he was converted in a city jail in Dallas, Texas when he was 18 years old. He served 9 years in prison. It was in prison that he did his personal study. He said he asked a mentor in the prison ministry how was the best way to study the Bible. The mentor replied, “Read the Bible and do what it says.” He said that was the way he studies the Bible.

In prison the evaluations indicated that he would not be able to make it on the outside. He was a “bad man.” He would be back in prison soon.

Maury really fooled them. God changed his life completely. He gave him an uncanny gift of learning and application.

Maury said that when he got out of prison he wanted to go to college to pursue the ministry. One college wouldn’t accept him because he had served so many years in prison. He smiled when he said the same college last year had asked him to serve as a trustee! He became a trustee of a college that wouldn’t admit him because of his past.

His sanctuary seats over 3,000. He has multiple worship services. But the building isn’t nearly as powerful as its pastor!

Maury is an extremely articulate, winsome, passionate preacher and he doesn’t even have a college education! He has been at Cornerstone Church for about twenty years. The church is a strong witness as it reaches out to one of the rapidly developing areas of Nashville.

I met a new laborer in the vineyards. I am glad to be on the same team with him. He is a miracle demonstrating what God can do in the life of a person who is totally yielded to Him.

Here is a real question for us, “Are we letting God fully utilize all of our gifts?” Some of us have the advantage of receiving more schooling and training. I believe that God will hold all of us accountable for the use of our gifts and talents He has given to us.

Where is God’s next miracle?


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