Men’s Ministry-Museum or Movement

Men’s Ministry-Museum or Movement

I attended five events during the month of July that were focused on a ministry to men. I believe it is one of the most critical ministries in which churches can be engaged to help men understand their role in the family, in society, in the church, and to commit their lives to Jesus who can make them the men they ought to be. I was inspired and encouraged at each of those events.

One was sponsored by Landmark Church of Christ. Each year they have a grid-iron kick-off dinner. They could only accommodate 800 men. The tickets sold out in a few days. Landmark Church of Christ and their pastor, Buddy Bell, have a great desire to minister to all men in Montgomery. Tim Lee is a member there and for years has been able to get some of the best speakers anywhere.

One of the speakers was Cadillac Williams, who was an All American at Auburn. He had a great pro career and re-energized the Auburn fan base serving as interim head coach for four games in 2022. He is now the associate head coach at Auburn. I have written about his witness and how his mission was not only to win football games, but more importantly to win young people to become Christ followers. He did that as interim coach and is continuing to do that today.

The other speaker was Dan Orlovsky. He was a great quarterback in high school and college and played many years as a professional quarterback. Today he is a part of the ESPN sports team calling games and hosting programs.

Dan really became famous last year when Demar Hamlin collapsed during a Buffalo Bills football game, and almost died. The whole nation’s attention was focused on that situation. The game stopped and then was cancelled.

Dan Orlovsky was on the ESPN sports team covering that situation. He is a strong, bold Christian. He felt led to depart from the script and said that a lot of people had talked about how Demar was in their thoughts and prayers. He said that we ought not to talk about praying, but to pray. He asked his fellow ESPN team members on the set and tv audience to join him in praying. He knew he could get into a lot of trouble for praying—but he said that’s what God told him to do, and he did it.

His prayer was powerful. He had not written out a prayer—he just prayed from his heart and everybody watching felt it. When Demar made a remarkable recovery months later, Dan made it clear that it was because of the prayers of many, many people across the world.

Dan told how he came to know Jesus in a personal way through other professional football players. He challenged each man to be sure that he is following Jesus, and that he is becoming a bold Godly husband and father and leader in society.

It’s time for Men’s Ministries to quit resembling a Museum and become a part of the Movement with a Mission! Are you and your church on the MMMMM team?

Live out William P. Merrill’s hymn:

“Rise up, O men of God!
Have done with lesser things;
Give heart and soul and mind and strength
To serve the King of kings.”

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