Ministry Report – April 28, 2017

The Latest Word from John Ed Mathison

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support for this ministry.  I like to try to keep you informed about the results of your efforts.

In the past quarter, I had major hip surgery for the third time.  I blocked out some extra time not knowing how long I would be out.  I mentioned that God really showed me favor in leading me to a great doctor – Dr. Todd Sheils.  It is a fascinating story about how all that happened that I might share in the future.  As a result, I have done far better than expected.  I am actually walking about a mile and a half, 3 or 4 times a week.  I am walking without a limp and have no pain.  I’m not on any antibiotics.  I feel great!

Because of limiting my travel, I concentrated the last quarter on a lot of things mostly within the state of Alabama.  Below are some of the ministry opportunities in which I was involved this last quarter:

  • I spoke at a state baseball coaches conference in Birmingham with 450 coaches attending.
  • I spoke at Troy University to the capstone leadership class, which is comprised of 45 outstanding seniors.
  • I spoke at a prayer conference at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, TN.
  • I spoke at the Female Factor at Troy with about 200 women attending.
  • I participated in the River Region Sports Commission meetings and planning for events in Montgomery, including the Camellia Bowl, all-star games, etc. 
  • I met to help plan a summer conference for high school baseball coaches and their wives.
  • I officiated at four funerals and one wedding.
  • I preached at the Maundy Thursday communion service at Wesley Gardens UMC Retirement Home.
  • I stayed current with 60 daily radio and Facebook audio devotions.
  • I wrote 13 weekly blogs for newspapers and social media publication.
  • I was able to participate in a monthly telephone prayer time with some leaders of large para-church organizations in the United States.
  • I continued writing the fund-raising letters for The Confessing Movement.
  • I met with pastors from Georgia and prepared a podcast for ministers concerning the ways in which churches must respond to change.
  • I’ve participated in video segments of Unsung Heroes to be used in many venues in the near future.
  • I did short-term coaching for 3 pastors.  I did leadership consulting with 4 churches.
  • I met with the coordinator of a National Civility Leadership Congress to plan a national program.

Thank you so much for your support.  I have a lot of great opportunities this summer and fall.  Please pray that I will always be focused to see God’s doors open and courageous to walk through them.

For the Cause of causes,

John Ed Mathison





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