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God puts great visions in the minds of people. The problem occurs when naysayers begin to tell that person that he/she can’t accomplish that vision. We have a huge population of naysayers. Successful people don’t listen to them – they just proceed to bring the vision to reality. That’s what Moses, Noah, David, and thousands more have done.

Peter Tabichi teaches math and science in the remote village of Pwani, Kenya. His vision was to make a difference. He even uses 80% of his salary to help students at his rural school. Since most all of his students are impoverished, people told him he could never successfully teach them. He didn’t listen.

Recently Peter was given the 2019 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize – the world’s best teacher! The school team has even qualified to compete this May 2019 in an international science and engineering fair in Phoenix. He is doing what the naysayers said couldn’t be done.

In March 2019 an 8 year-old Nigerian refugee, who resides in a Manhattan homeless shelter, was crowned New York State chess champion for his age group. He and his parents are devout Christians and fled Nigeria in 2017 to escape the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

The 8 year-old learned chess at school. He spends hours practicing his game on the floor of the homeless shelter. He’s preparing for the national championship in May. He says, “I want to be the youngest grandmaster in the world.” People are telling him he can’t do it – but he doesn’t listen. If an 8 year-old boy in a homeless shelter can become the best chess player, what’s keeping you and me from fulfilling God’s call on our lives?

Thomas Panek is blind. No blind person has ever completed the New York half marathon – 13.1 miles without human assistance. Thomas set a goal to do it. The naysayers told him it was impossible. Thomas not only can’t see, but he doesn’t listen well. Using his 3 guide dogs, he completed the half marathon in 2 hours and 20 minutes! He didn’t listen to what the naysayers told him he couldn’t do – he just went out and did it.

Peter Messervy-Gross completed a 100 mile ultramarathon in March 2019. He had to run across a frozen Mongolian lake. When he arrived to run the race he discovered that the airline had lost his luggage containing the necessary equipment he needed to compete. He decided to compete in just his jeans and brogues. The naysayers laughed at him and said he couldn’t do it. It took him 4 days is subzero weather, but he finished. Rather than complain about what he didn’t have, he just used what he did have!! The naysayers are not laughing at him anymore.

Look what Tiger Woods did at the Masters recently! The naysayers said he couldn’t come back because of all of his personal problems and multiple surgeries. Evidently, he didn’t correct his hearing problem – he didn’t listen. Many people have called it “The greatest comeback in sports history.”

Tim Tebow said, “Most people will tell you, you can’t – you won’t – you shouldn’t,
but those are the same people who didn’t – who wouldn’t – who couldn’t.

Nix the naysayers!

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