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When I was in college and seminary financial funds were always limited. There were some ways to save money. I always ate my meals in the cafeteria because they were paid for, whether you ate them or not. Eating out was extra.

Another thing I never wanted to do was to have a book overdue at the library. That cost money. I figured that if I was in college or seminary I would be smart enough to get the book back on time.

Stanley Dudek’s mother evidently did not have the value of returning books to the library on time. Stanley was going through his mother’s things and found a book that was due at the Bedford Public Library in Massachusetts on May 10, 1910. The overdue fine came to $361.35.

The date 1910 caught my eye because Dad was born in 1910. My Dad said it was always easy to keep up with his age because 10 was easy to subtract from whatever the current year would be.

Ninety-nine years is a long time to have a book overdue. It is interesting that the name of the book was “Facts I Ought to Know about the Government of My Country.” I would be interested to know if that book talked about some facts concerning national debt, TARP, bailouts, etc. I wonder if it had a fact in there about being responsible in the little things – like getting a book back to the library on time.

I was thinking about some things in life that can easily be overdue.

  • Overdue on making a phone call to check on someone’s emotional, spiritual, or physical health
  • Overdue on a visit to spend a few minutes with someone who has made a difference in my life
  • Overdue on writing a letter to thank someone for doing something significant or insignificant for me
  • Overdue on giving a gift to some organization that I believe in
  • Overdue on offering a word of encouragement to somebody who is going through a tough time
  • Overdue in telling someone how much I appreciate them and their influence in my life
  • Overdue on saying I love you
  • Overdue on being more consistent with my spiritual and physical exercise.

I don’t know how much all of those overdue things would add up to – but I need to take them as seriously as I did getting books back to the library on time. Regardless of how overdue anything is, the best time to correct it is now!

Don’t start 2010 with anything overdue!

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