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Christmas Spoken Here

Christmas Spoken Here Some tourists were visiting a quaint fishing village on the east coast. They found there a small shop that carried only Christmas materials. You could go in... more »

A King-Size Bed in a Stable

A King-Size Bed in a Stable Early in my 36 year ministry at Frazer our youth presented a living nativity scene in front of the church property.  People could circle... more »

The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose Mark Twain said that there are two most important days in your life—the first is the day that you were born, and the second is the... more »

Be Prepared

Be Prepared When preparation is adequate, performance becomes productive and exciting. Preparation that is overlooked or sloppily done causes disappointment and failure. Preparation is the key. I always admired Roger... more »

What’s Church Really About?

What’s Church Really About? On Sunday, November 12, 2023, I was preaching at Wesley Gardens Retirement Home at 9:30 am. My dad, Si Mathison, and my mother-in-law, Jo Frith, lived... more »

What Do You See? – Looking at Life Through God’s Glasses

Where we are today is a result of choices we made yesterday. Every choice has a consequence. We can choose to look at life through human glasses or look at life through God’s glasses. Our choice of glasses determines what we see.


Giving or Getting

Giving or Getting When we wake up every morning, we make a decision whether we are going to be a person who is a getter or a giver. How we... more »


Deception Deception seems to be more prevalent today than in times past. Reality is thought to be one thing, but then you discover the reality was tainted by deception. What... more »

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is one of the greatest organizations in our country. Please don’t ever hesitate to generously offer financial support to the organization... more »

Put Me In Coach!

Put Me In Coach! I love coaches and appreciate what they do. An important part of my ministry now deals with coaches and athletic teams. I believe that coaches have... more »

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