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Looking at Life Thru God’s Glasses: Burdens or Blessings – Part 2

LOOKING AT LIFE THRU GOD’S GLASSES: BURDENS OR BLESSINGS – PART 2 Looking at life through human glasses causes us to see burdens. Looking at life through God’s glasses helps... more »

Looking at Life Thru God’s Glasses: Obstacles or Opportunities – Part 1

LOOKING AT LIFE THRU GOD’S GLASSES: OBSTACLES OR OPPORTUNITIES – PART 1 I wear contacts which I have to change every two weeks. My medical mind has told me that... more »

Are You the Next Hero?

ARE YOU THE NEXT HERO? Heroes are people who are disciplined in learning, accept tough challenges, always stay calm, and think quickly about how to solve a problem. A crisis... more »

What’s Your Identity?

WHAT’S YOUR IDENTITY? Sports teams are identified by their names. I remember being present when the Montgomery Minor League Baseball team name was announced. The name chosen was “Montgomery Biscuits.”... more »

Let’s Lose Weight

LET’S LOSE WEIGHT The number one resolution at the beginning of each year is to lose weight. Very few people are successful at it. One of the downsides of the... more »

The Power of Little Things

THE POWER OF LITTLE THINGS Last week, I wrote about the danger of little things and how they can become destructive. Today, I want to look at the other side... more »

Little Things Aren’t Always Little!

LITTLE THINGS AREN’T ALWAYS LITTLE! COVID-19, the coronavirus, almost shut down the world in 2020. It affected health, education, travel, eating habits, the economy, relationships – the list goes on... more »

A Grave Mistake

A GRAVE MISTAKE It was a grave mistake. Jesus had upset religious and non-religious people. They were determined to put an end to his movement. After an unjust trial, they... more »

One Name to Know

ONE NAME TO KNOW Etched in the black granite wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial are the names of 58,156 Americans who died in that war. A visit to the... more »

What is Valuable?

WHAT IS VALUABLE? How do you determine the value of anything? The world in which we live is rapidly changing concerning values. Each of us must determine what is valuable! ... more »

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