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God’s Benefits Package

God’s Benefits Package Whenever a person is interviewing for a job, one of the topics is the kind of benefits the company offers the potential employee.  One of the benefits... more »

Freedom!!  Why?

Freedom!!  Why? Paul wrote to the Galatian church, “Give thanks for your freedom, but don’t use your freedom for selfish purposes. Use your freedom in order to help other people.”... more »

Misplaced Anything?

Misplaced Anything? Do you ever misplace something that’s important to you? You don’t misplace something intentionally—you just forget where you left it. There is an interesting guy in Alabama. He... more »

What’s Your Name?

What’s Your Name? Your name is important. It was given to you—you didn’t choose it. You can elect to change it later in life through a legal process, but not... more »

Real Winners

Real Winners One of the great coaches who attends the FCA Family Coaches Conference every year with her family is Cindy Hawthorne from Brantley, Alabama. She just won her third... more »

Bragging Rights

Bragging Rights Is it okay to brag? Most of us like to brag without allowing the truth to restrict us. Don’t use as an excuse the old adage, “It’s not... more »

Who Wins?

Who Wins? Many people are talking about how the church is losing its witness to the world. They especially talk about how college students are turning away from faith. Here... more »

Exercise Your Memory

Exercise Your Memory In 1863 some women in Columbus, Mississippi went out to the local cemetery to place flowers on the graves of the Confederate soldiers. They noticed a section... more »

50 Years Later

50 Years Later Our oldest grandchild, Eddie Parma, just graduated from Auburn University. He now starts on his Doctorate Degree in the area of clinical psychology and Christian counseling. We... more »

Loyalty Day

Loyalty Day How did you celebrate May 1? It was designated as a special day by a lot of groups. It was Law Day—it was Met Gala Day—it was Sing... more »

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