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A Bright Light in History

A BRIGHT LIGHT IN HISTORY Are you aware of the important place that the Bible played in the early history of our nation? What influence does the Bible have today... more »

What Can I Do? – Part IV: Lift & Lead

WHAT CAN I DO? – PART IV: LIFT & LEAD 5. LIFT. When I truly listen, learn, lean, and love – I then lift people. People of all educational backgrounds,... more »

What Can I Do? – Part III: Lean & Love

WHAT CAN I DO? – PART III: LEAN & Love My first two steps are to listen and to learn. These lead me to lean on God and love all people.... more »

What Can I Do? – Part II: Learn

WHAT CAN I DO? – PART II: LEARN Last week, I wrote about how I have been listening. My next step is to learn. 2. LEARN. Authentic listening creates a platform... more »

What Can I Do? – Part I: Listen

WHAT CAN I DO? – PART I: LISTEN America can never be the same following the fight against COVID-19 and the expressions of racism and protests. Injustice against anybody at any... more »

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

KNOCK, KNOCK – WHO’S THERE? “When opportunity knocks.” That’s a phrase I’m hearing from high school and college graduates as they go out into the world – from business people... more »

Transforming Diagnosis

TRANSFORMING DIAGNOSIS The COVID-19 pandemic reminded me of a story my dad told me about a man who went to the doctor for a battery of tests. The tests revealed the... more »

Falling Apart or Falling into Place?

FALLING APART OR FALLING INTO PLACE? For the past 6 weeks, I have been filming a brief “Good News” segment on social media every morning at 10 o’clock. I stand in... more »

COVID-19 Can Reveal The Best Or The Worst

COVID-19 CAN REVEAL THE BEST OR THE WORST As restrictions are being loosened on large and small businesses and public gatherings, I pray that we will be very cautious and... more »

The New Normal

THE NEW NORMAL As most states are relaxing restrictions on businesses and confinement, people are talking about returning to normal. Normal will not be normal as we’ve known it! There will... more »

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