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What If?

The Billion Soul Initiative, of which I’ve been a part since its inception 15 years ago, recently held a teaching hub in Nepal to train pastors. There is rapid growth... more »

Moon Olympics

A wise man once told me, “Do the things that God created you to do – and avoid the things that God instructed you not to do.” That’s good wisdom.... more »


Robin Darby Executive Assistant Office: JAM Executive Suite 44131 Carmichael RoadMontgomery, AL 36106 If you are interested in having John Ed come speak/preach/teach at your event, please contact us directly... more »

Moon Walking

During the 1960s President John F. Kennedy shared with the world his dream that the United States would put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.... more »


The Board of Directors was established to provide accountability for all aspects of the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries. Part of this includes helping to discern which invitations to accept... more »


How Finances Will Be Used All honorariums received for preaching/teaching services offered by John Ed will go to the budget of the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries. Financial support for... more »

Quotient Quizzes – What’s Your Score?

You have an Intelligence Quotient – IQ.  But what’s your TQ Trust Quotient, your CQ Care Quotient or your FQ Faith Quotient?  John Ed’s newest book offers 31 life lessons that can help you become the person God created you to be.  Take the quizzes for yourself, and discuss them with... more »


Lest We Forget – Our Hope – Part 3 of 3

Be careful – lest we forget – Our HOPE. We hear many suggestions where we ought to place our hope to have a future as a nation. Our ultimate hope... more »

Change? Change! How to Creatively Cope with Change

Jesus Christ is changeless.  The Church’s message and mission are changeless.  However, society is constantly changing which can cause fear, intimidation and frustration.  Change is a choice.  John Ed’s newest book can help churches turn change into converts.  Sports teams can turn change into scores.  Families can turn change into... more »


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John Ed's book "Quotient Quizzes: What's Your Score?"
John Ed Mathison's book Change Change! How to Creatively Cope with Change
John Ed Mathison's book Transformed Living in Tough Times
John Ed Mathison's book When God Redefines the Possible
John Ed Mathison's book Every Member in Ministry
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