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Change? Change! How to Creatively Cope with Change

Jesus Christ is changeless.  The Church’s message and mission are changeless.  However, society is constantly changing which can cause fear, intimidation and frustration.  Change is a choice.  John Ed’s newest book can help churches turn change into converts.  Sports teams can turn change into scores.  Families can turn change into better... more »


Transformed Living in Tough Times

Transformed Living in Tough Times is a small book that was written at the request of Abingdon Press recognizing that all of us go through many circumstances over which we have no control, yet God provides all things necessary for us to increase our faith and live effectively in these... more »


When God Redefines the Possible

Most people get stuck in life because our concept of God and the depth of our trust in Him is limited. Our God is a God of possibilities. This little book includes 52 illustrations of how God is constantly redefining the possible. It is challenging and inspiring. It suggests ways... more »


Every Member In Ministry

Every Member In Ministry outlines the principles for an understanding that every member of the church is a minister. It is a practical book that indicates how a church can incorporate more people into ministry. While the average church has 20% of the people doing 80% of the work (the 80/20... more »


Tried & True

Tried & True outlines 12 steps of growth for any local church. It is the model employed by Frazer that grew from 400 members to over 8,800 members. It contains an understanding of the planning process in which every church should be engaged-called the Joel Committee at Frazer. It offers practical... more »


Transformed Living in Tough Times: Devotions

Transformed Living in Tough Times-Devotions is a book that was prepared for Abingdon Press and contains 60 devotions on how people can live effectively in tough times. It recognizes the reality of tough times. When we develop feelings of helplessness, anger, and depression, but it offers hope as we allow... more »


Where Is America Headed?

It’s time for America to turn around and head where God wants us to go!   This small book contains twelve essays with personal questions at the end that will help you have profitable discussion with your employees, Sunday School class, family, personal devotion time, etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a... more »


When God Redefines the Possible (for iPad, Nook, and Kindle)

For IPad this is a multi-touch interactive adaptation for social media. It contains 22 brief videos, multiple pictures, other interactive opportunities that would be excellent for a Sunday School class, a business, or a group of friends who want to take one short chapter each week and share their responses... more »


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John Ed's book "Quotient Quizzes: What's Your Score?"
John Ed Mathison's book Change Change! How to Creatively Cope with Change
John Ed Mathison's book Transformed Living in Tough Times
John Ed Mathison's book When God Redefines the Possible
John Ed Mathison's book Every Member in Ministry
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