PANdemic or PLANdemic?

A woman considering if this is a PANdemic or a PLANdemic.


This is a tough time in which we are living. But we choose whether it is a PANdemic or a PLANdemic. A PANdemic is a widespread outbreak of a disease. I’ll define a PLANdemic as a widespread outbreak of a desire to know and follow God’s Plan. A PANdemic is debilitating, defeating, and destructive. A PLANdemic is positive, purposeful, and productive. A PANdemic produces panic. A PLANdemic produces possibilities!

I’m concerned about young people. They also are at risk. The CDC reported their survey results indicating that 1 out of 4 Americans between 18 and 24 have considered suicide, and 40% reported suffering from mental or behavioral issues during the past few months. That must change!

The Bible says, “So as a man thinks in his heart so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) Our thinking is determined by what we watch, read, hear, and experience. These things determine whether we are living in a PANdemic or a PLANdemic. We can’t change our actions until we change our thinking!

Here are six suggestion to THINK ABOUT:

  1. Spend more time reading the Bible. The Bible speaks truth. Social media and TV are not governed by truth. The Bible was written by the One who created everything. God has been in charge of all of His creation for thousands of years. He will continue to be in charge of them for thousands of years to come. He has the best Plan – for Him, this is a PLANdemic, not a PANdemic. Read Jeremiah 29:19.
  1. Spend more time praying. Thank God for all that He has done, and praise Him for what He will do. Pray expectantly.  Your knees can take you places your feet have never been! Read John 15:7.
  1. Keep a good book handy so that you read something helpful and positive during the day. I wrote a devotional book last year with 365 devotionals – Got a Minute. I had no idea the situation in which we live would be coming. Many people have told me that reading that one-minute devotional each morning helps them frame their thinking for the day. Read Philippians 4:8. 
  1. Keep your Bible in a more prominent place than you do your phone or computer. If your phone is always available, it’s tempting to pick it up and start scrolling. What dominates social media can quickly lead to downward spiraling. Keep your phone and computer in a different place that requires you extra effort to go use them. Read I Corinthians 10:13.
  1. Spend a little time each day talking with someone who is relying on God’s guidance to make it a PLANdemic. You can become an encouragement to each other. Read Proverbs 27:17.
  1. Look for one simple thing you can do for somebody every day. It could be a phone call, a note, an encouraging word, a financial contribution to some cause in which you believe, etc. Read II Peter 1:5-8.

Are you experiencing a PANdemic or a PLANdemic? It’s your choice!

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