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Picking the right friends is very important. We tend to become like the people with whom we spend time. Good friends can make you better. Bad friends can pull you down.

David gives us great insight into selecting friends in Psalms 5. He gives titles to 4 different kinds of people who would be dangerous as friends. The Message describes them this way:

The HOT AIR BOASTER – that’s the person who is filled with pride and likes to brag, but is empty hot air. He knows how to talk a good game. He’s the person that has big dreams but never does anything about them. The friend who boasts raises a red flag of which you better be aware. David went on to say that kind of man ultimately collapses in front of God.

Next is a MISCHIEF MAKER. Some people are just always looking to create trouble. Nothing ever goes their way. Haven’t you been around someone who likes to start an argument? God is not in the business of promoting mischief. Mischief makers create chaos. David says that God shakes His head when He sees that person.

Next is LIE SPEAKER – which is a person who outright lies. The lie speaker is often very convincing, and can make the lie sound like the truth. I think we live in a day and age where this is more prevalent than ever before. God is out to destroy that kind of person. We must not engage in those kinds of relationships.

The last is the TRUTH BENDER – that’s a person who takes the truth, puts a spin on it, and bends it to communicate what they want it to say rather than the truth of the matter. Truth is truth; it is not intended to be bent. Does that speak volumes about today’s society? David says that person is disgusting to God.

Watch out for these kinds of people. David said, “Every word they speak is a landmine – their lungs breath out poison gas, their throats are gaping graves, their tongues are slick as mudslides – all they do is pile on guilt.” David says, “Kick them out.” (vs.9,10)

David then tells us that the kind of people we need to select for our friends are the GOD-SEEKERS – folks who are seeking to do God’s will. We need to pick friends who are sensitive to God’s plan and purpose for their lives. These people are encouraging, supportive, loyal, and the kind of friends that you can always depend on.

David describes God’s plan for life as a celebration. He even calls it a party. When we seek God’s will and pick friends who are also seeking His will, life becomes an exciting adventure. It is a real party! (vs.11, 12)

Proverbs 27:19 says, “A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the kind of friends he chooses.” What do your friends make you look like?

Pick good friends. You will become like the people with whom you choose to hang out!


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