Remembering a Friend

Norment Security Group


During the pandemic, I officiated at the home-going of a great Christian businessman and friend, Bobby Norment. He led Norment Industries in Montgomery to become a successful international business. They provided security products for government buildings, prisons, embassies, court houses, etc.

One Sunday in church, Bobby was challenged about his commitment to Jesus. He committed everything to Jesus Christ. He said, “From now on, Jesus will have first place in my life.” Bobby meant it.

Bobby then felt a call to do some kind of ministry. Rev. Cortez Frazier had moved to a large church in Florida. Bobby was a great businessman. He sold Norment Industries, and he and his family moved to Florida so he could become the business manager of a great church and school. You can imagine the difference in his salary.

He helped establish a strong church and gave leadership in the school to bring it to its strongest position ever. Then Bobby and his family felt a call to go with YWAM—Youth With A Mission. He and his family moved so he could use his business skills to help give direction to a huge nonprofit ministry.

Later, he felt God’s call for him and his family to help establish a different kind of educational model for students that would better prepare them to live in the 21st century. The result was CreatEd Institute. This model recognizes that students want what they learn to be related to life issues to help them relate more meaningfully to other people, and for their faith to relate to reality. It’s a model based on mentoring rather than lecturing. Bobby’s vision was to help develop an educational system that redefines the meaning of successful education.

Bobby was always totally supported by his family and his wonderful wife, Jean. She is an excellent teacher and has always been an active leader in women’s ministries.

A young businessman went to Bobby Norment and asked him, “How can I have a Christian business?”

Bobby shocked him by saying, “There’s no such thing as a Christian business. The business is neutral—neither Christian or not. It’s the people who direct the business that determines whether or not Christian principles will be enacted. Christians run a Christian business.”

That young businessman was shocked, but greatly influenced. He saw it! He got it! He started developing a business based on those principles.

Friends and family remember Bobby saying, “You only have one life to live—be sure to make it count. Go all out! Don’t ever leave anything on the field. Let God lead you. Give everything to God and obey him completely!”

Wow! That’s a philosophy that wins!

Bobby Norment’s company was tremendously successful. He was able to create bulletproof glass that is still used in the White House and various embassies. He helped make them safe, but he created a better safety shield when he began following Jesus and inviting others to join him. Following Jesus leads a person into safety, not just for this life, but for all eternity!

How will you and I be remembered?

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