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One aspect of getting ready for the New Year is to make resolutions. Most American adults make resolutions each year. Most of those resolutions center around losing weight, exercising regularly, quitting smoking, handling money better, attitude adjustment, etc.

The success rate of keeping those resolutions is not very good. Most of us have quit trying by the end of January. Aren’t we glad that broken resolutions don’t have sharp edges.

Biblical characters can lead us to some real resolutions. Using them, join me in making some resolutions that are worth making and keeping!

I will resolve with:

David – To face any giant victoriously, using God’s plan.

Caleb – To make my report, even if it is the minority report

Joseph – To run immediately from temptation.

Abraham – To be willing to pack up and follow wherever He leads.

Jabez – To ask God to expand my territory.

Noah – To be willing to build an ark, even when it is not raining.

Joshua – To use God’s strategy, even when it is not politically correct.

Dorcas – To focus on doing good and kind things for God’s people.

Naaman – To be willing to swim in polluted water if God tells me that will bring healing.

Job – To trust that God will ultimately cause things to work out.

Barnabas – To give encouragement to all of God’s people.

Mary – To be obedient to God, even when it doesn’t make sense.

Gideon – To trust God when He tells me how many resources I need to accomplish a task.

Enoch – To walk with God.

Elijah – To listen for the still small voice.

Martha – To learn to stay focused on God’s purpose.

Isaiah – To be open to a Temple experience.

Paul – To fight a good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.

John – To see God’s revelation of a new heaven – the Holy City.

Joel – To dream dreams and see visions.


The following are the Biblical references for the Biblical characters mentioned in this blog.

David – I Samuel 17:39-51

Caleb – Numbers 13:25-31

Joseph – Genesis 39:12

Abraham – Genesis 12:1-5

Jabez – I Chronicles 4:10

Noah – Genesis 7:8-17

Joshua – Joshua 6:1-20

Dorcas – Acts 9:36

Naaman – II Kings 5:10-14

Job – Job 1:1-22; 42:1-17

Barnabas – Mark 15:36-41

Mary – Luke 1:34-38

Gideon – Judges 7:2-22

Enoch – Genesis 5:22-24

Elijah – I Kings 19:11-13

Martha – Luke 10: 38-42

Isaiah – Isaiah 6:1-8

Paul – II Timothy 4:7

John – Revelation 21:1-22:8

Joel – Joel 2:28



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