Revive Us Again!

Revive Us Again!

Auburn University is experiencing revival! On September 12, 2023, about 5,000 students gathered in the basketball arena at Auburn for a worship service focusing on “Auburn United.” The spirit of God started to move in that worship experience, and it didn’t end when the closing prayer was given!

One student wanted to be baptized so a lot of the crowd heard about that and made an unplanned trip to a nearby lake. WSFA reported that about 200 students were baptized.

It’s a powerful scene to see a couple of thousand college students standing around the lake and praying and singing. As each newly baptized person came out of the water, the cheer is reported to have compared with anything that was ever heard in Jordan-Hare Stadium or Neville Arena!

A beautiful picture of one of the men participating in the baptizing was head football coach, Hugh Freeze. He was experiencing the most important victory he will ever see at Auburn!

Coach Freeze was not the only coach there. Head basketball coach, Bruce Pearl, and head baseball coach, Butch Thompson, had promoted it and participated. Some of their players were baptized.

I’ve heard that it all started when one college girl started going to the basketball arena and praying for revival. Get that—one girl, along with God, started this whole thing. A coach’s wife joined in praying along with four other college girls. You now have five college students and an interested adult praying. They started a Bible study. It wasn’t long before the group had grown to about 200 girls.

The group felt led to pray for some larger event. That’s when the vision of a worship service came to reality. Actually, the worship service hasn’t ended—it’s continuing throughout that campus!

Dylan Cardwell is a big-name basketball recruit that God led to Auburn. When Coach Pearl took the basketball team to Israel this past spring, Dylan helped in baptizing several of the basketball players. Dylan teaches a weekly Bible Study and speaks to a lot of groups. I have heard him say, “I don’t know what is going to happen next at Auburn, but God is clearly moving.”

His vision is becoming a reality. The campus is on fire through the movement of God’s Holy Spirit. Because it’s a Godly fire, there will be a lot of people coming in with fire extinguishers trying to put it out. You will even have experienced firefighters trying to put out this fire. But this fire will not be put out!

There are other college campuses that I personally know where revival is taking place. Asbury College in Kentucky is in the midst of a great revival. Here in Montgomery, Dr. Mitchell Henry, President of Faulkner University, told me that 37 football players had been baptized in the last six weeks. I was in a worship service this summer where many of the women’s soccer team at Samford University were baptized. And there are many others.

As our nation was being formed, 108 colleges were established, and 106 of those were Christian! That has drastically changed today. Let’s go back to that early statistic!

What’s happening right now at these colleges I’ve mentioned can happen at any college and any church. Pray and participate with students and God as we fan the flames of revival everywhere!

It’s revival time!

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