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I was listening to National Public Radio while driving recently and heard something extremely interesting. The frog population in Australia has declined rapidly in areas where there is a lot of road noises as a result of growth and development. As you might expect, intense studies are being done to determine the cause.

What they have discovered is that the road noise is interfering with the mating call of the male frog. The frequency level of the road noise in Australia distorts the mating call so that the female frogs do not hear it accurately.

One of the problems that this has created is that the female frog does not hear the mating call so she tends to hop around to try to find a call. The extra travel of the female frog has made her more susceptible to predators, and therefore the danger of her being injured or killed.

The study also has shown that some of the male frogs are becoming very creative. They decided to slightly raise the pitch of their mating call. This seems to be working because the higher pitch will carry further and be more clear. I guess you have to be pretty musical if you are a frog. 

The study concluded to say that road noise also effects humans. Excessive road noise creates a greater degree of stress, a decreased ability to be able to think quickly, and affects the sleep patterns of humans.

So, if you are living in a world with a lot of road noise, be sure you find a quiet place where you can spend time alone in quietness with God. It is what David meant in the 23rd Psalm when he said that the good shepherd leads the sheep out to the green pastures and the still waters. This quiet time alone with God can reduce your stress, improve your health, and help you sleep better.

God said to Isaiah, “Give ear and hear my voice. Listen and hear my words.” (Isaiah 28: 23) Elijah wanted to hear from God, but didn’t in the strong wind, the earthquake, or the fire. He was in a cave when he heard the still, small voice of God speaking. (I King 19: 13)

Learn from the Australian frogs. Decide to pursue and schedule a quiet place where you can hear clearly God’s call.

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