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The blog last week was entitled “Knowing Where You Are Going.” It stressed the importance of being sure about knowing where our directions are carrying us. We don’t need to wind up in a place or situation that could be avoided.

I received a lot of comments about the blog and some interesting stories. One of them really drives home the point. Let me share it with you.

When I lived in Montgomery, I often rode the commuter flights from Atlanta with John Ed. I am now in Andalusia and typically fly out of Ft. Walton.

Anyway, I was on a flight one night late into Montgomery. When we landed the flight attendant said, “Welcome to Montgomery, ladies and gentlemen…”

I had noticed the lady sitting beside me had slept the whole trip. She looked at me and said, “what did she say?” So, I repeated, “Welcome to Montgomery…” The lady looked at me and said, “Montgomery!! I am supposed to be in San Antonio!!

I told her that she had taken the wrong turn in the little plastic “cow chutes” that they now use to separate flyers on the tarmac for the commuter flights. She said, “Well I’ve got to get a flight out of here to San Antonio. I have to be there in the morning.”

I told her that wouldn’t be possible since this was the last flight into Montgomery “International” tonight. I said your options are to get a room and fly out early tomorrow morning or rent a car and drive back to Atlanta to see if you can get there tonight. Needless to say, she wasn’t very happy!

Be sure you know the destination of the flight you are taking. Your desire doesn’t determine your destination. There are a lot of “cow chutes” that will try to channel you in the wrong direction. If in doubt ask the “Pilot” to be sure you are on the right flight. This is true for this life and for eternity.

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