Role-Playing or Reality

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We live in a world where so many things are mundane, superficial, shallow, and make-believe.  People walk around playing games with each other.  We oftentimes are like actors who play out a certain role.

Christmas is about the reality of life.  When God invaded the universe and became a child.  He came to show us what is real and what real life is about.

A British novelist David Lodge tells, in an introduction of one of his books, about where he was when he first heard of President Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.  He said he was in a theater watching the performance of a satirical revue which he had helped write, when reality broke in upon those present.  In one of the scenes, a character was to demonstrate his nonchalance to life around him by always holding a transistor radio to his ear.  The actor playing the part always had the radio turned on and tuned to a real broadcast.  Suddenly, as the play progressed, over the radio came the announcement that President Kennedy had been shot.  The actor quickly attempted to switch it off, but it was too late.  Reality had interrupted the make-believe.

Christmas can be a tremendous interruption that can change our lives.  While so many of our Christmas celebrations are just nonchalant charades, the experience of encountering the living Christ can shift us from a make-believe to a real life.

Experience God’s reality this Christmas.

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