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Two of the names most often heard at Christmas are Santa and Jesus.  They represent extremely opposite sides about the meaning of Christmas.

Recently I saw something that was written anonymously comparing Jesus and Santa.  Here are twelve distinctions.

1.     Santa lives at the North Pole.

Jesus is everywhere!

2.     Santa comes only once a year.

Jesus is an ever-present help in every season and circumstance.

3.     Santa comes down your chimney uninvited.

Jesus stands at your heart’s door and lovingly knocks.

4.     Santa makes you stand in line to see him.

Jesus is as close as the calling of His name.

5.     Santa lets you sit on his lap.

Jesus lets you rest in His everlasting arms.

6.     Santa asks, “Little kid, what is your name?”

Jesus knows your name and the number of hairs on your head and everything about you and loves you anyway.

7.     Santa has a belly like a bowl full of jelly.

Jesus has a heart full of unbreakable love and unfailing promises.

8.     Santa offers “Ho, Ho, Ho.”

Jesus offers hope, help and heaven.

9.     Santa says, “You better not cry.”

Jesus says, “Cast all of your cares on Me for I care about you.”

10.  Santa has little helpers who make new toys.

Jesus makes new lives, mends hearts, and repairs broken homes.

11.  Santa can make you chuckle.

Jesus will give you unstoppable joy.

12.  Santa puts gifts under your tree.

Jesus became God’s greatest gift when He died on Calvary’s tree for you and me.

The Bible teaches us about choices and how today’s choices determine tomorrow’s consequences.  How we celebrate Christmas is about the choice.  Be sure you choose to focus this Christmas on the Name that is above every name, the name of Jesus.  Some day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

Let’s join together in celebrating the real meaning of Christmas!

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