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Christmas is only a few days away. I hear people saying, “I just can’t get into the Christmas spirit.” There are so many activities and responsibilities that the meaning of Christmas can be lost. It doesn’t take a Grinch to steal Christmas.

The elementary schools in Montgomery had a contest where children wrote a short story about Christmas. A few winning essays were selected. My grandson, Si Mathison, who goes by the nickname of Mat since his dad and granddad are also named Si Mathison, was one of the winners of that essay contest. I went to the city library and proudly watched him receive one of the awards for fifth graders in Montgomery. I am going to share with you his essay.

A Halloweenie Christmas

          Once there was a boy named Charlie and he loved Christmas.

          It was Christmas Eve and everyone was putting on Halloween costumes. Charlie went up to his friend, Steve, and asked, “Why is everyone  putting on Halloween costumes?” Steve replied, “Because everyone loves Halloween and wants to change Christmas.”

         Charlie went home and got on his bed and he was teleported to the North Pole. He dashed over to Santa and said, ” Santa, Santa, everyone is turning Christmas into Halloween!” Santa and Charlie sprinted to Santa’s sleigh and raced to Charlie’s neighborhood.

         When they got there, Santa pulled out his bag and threw dust over everyone. They disappeared! All of a sudden, Charlie found himself back in his bed. Charlie went downstairs and he found presents. Santa had saved Christmas!!

It would be a horror for some people to transform Christmas into Halloween. It is even a greater horror to miss out on the real meaning of Christmas. The best way to save Christmas is to have parents teach and demonstrate the real meaning of Christmas. The real Santa can help save Christmas.

Don’t let anybody or anything steal your Christmas. The presents and the decorations could be stolen, but the real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ who lives in our hearts. That cannot be stolen.

When the shepherds heard the message of the angels, Luke records the shepherds saying, “Let’s go straight to Bethlehem and see these things that have happened.” (Luke 2:15) You save Christmas by going straight to the manger. Don’t get sidetracked by the toys, tinsel, and trappings of Christmas.

Then Luke says they came in haste to Mary and Joseph and Jesus. (Luke 2:16) That was the first Christmas rush! Hurry to the manger. Experience the thrill of Christmas.

A few days left. Christmas is saved if you go in haste straight to the manger!

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