In 2008, the housing market in Montgomery was taking a downturn. Jerrod Dorminey was self-employed at his own company, Dorminey Interiors Trim. He was very good at making cabinets and doing interior woodwork, but he discovered that there was a diminishing demand for his skills.

He attended Frazer. He came to visit my wife Lynn, who is an interior decorator. He mentioned to her his situation and asked if she would use his name when somebody needed cabinets or woodwork.

She said that she would be glad to do that, but she had noticed his participation in the praise band at Frazer. She said he looked like he had talent in music and enjoyed it. Lynn saw something in Jerrod that he didn’t see in himself!

About that time, the leader of contemporary music, Rob Webster, had to be away for a couple of weeks. Jerrod volunteered to fill in. Jerrod really did well. He is a very gifted musician, and the more time he spent in music, the more his gift developed. He even started writing some music.

When Rob Webster accepted a position in a large church in Kansas, Jerrod was invited to be the interim person to help with the contemporary band and the music. He soon was hired to a full-time position.

Wayne Sigler was the Minister of Music—and one of the best anywhere! Following his untimely death, Pastor Chris Montgomery and the staff parish committee put Jerrod in a place of leadership over all of the music as Minister of Music and to oversee media, communications and production.

Frazer was further blessed when Jordan Sullivan accepted the call to direct the choir. She is super talented! She and Jerrod work so well together in both worship services and in doing a lot of musical presentations at other church functions.

Lynn made a statement in 2008 of what she saw in Jerrod. It changed the course of Jerrod’s life, and the music ministry of Frazer.  Lynn could have talked about building and decorating houses and creative ways to do cabinets, etc. But she chose to be God’s spokesman to Jerrod Dorminey who was listening and responding. Paul writes, “Let the words of Christ dwell in you. Teach and council each other with the wisdom He gives”. (Colossians 3:16)

By the way, when all of the renovation was done in the Sanctuary recently, go up to the Chancel area and notice a lot of the woodwork around the stage. Jerrod volunteered to do that.  I’m glad that while he made the stage look better, what he does on the stage leading music is even more beautiful!

One day Jesus saw some guys fishing. (Matthew 4:18 FF) They were pretty good at it, but Jesus saw in them what they had never seen in themselves. He invited them to follow Him and become fishers of men. That transformed their lives and was a great blessing in the ministry of Jesus. Jesus’ recognition of their gifts, and invitation for them to use them, has made a difference in the world even in 2024.

Three words—SEE—SAY—SUPPORT. See in other people what they don’t see in themselves. Say it to them. Support them as they follow God’s calling. When you see Jerrod leading music on television, streaming, or in person, think of what helped him get there and who God wants you to see, say, and support.


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