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The purpose of the post office is to deliver the message that people want to send via mail. I believe the price for each message is going to be going up again soon.

Sometimes it takes a long time for the post office to get the message from one person to another. A letter detailing the mood of this country after Harry Truman defeated Thomas Dewey was lost in the postal system for nearly 60 years. It recently turned up in the mailbox of a Kansas woman.

The letter was postmarked November 11, 1948. Xan Wedel found the letter. The envelope was stamped with “Return to sender” and “Found in supposedly empty mailbox.”

The letter was sent by Gertrude Gilmore, who lived at Wedel’s house in 1948. It was addressed to a Ruth Willisten in Rockfall, Connecticut. The message never made it.

The letter states “All Lawrence is in mourning since the election,” during which Harry Truman beat Thomas Dewey for the presidency of the United States. That election would have taken place just days before the letter was postmarked. It took sixty years to get the message, but it did arrive. I am not sure the message was very important, but it was eventually delivered.

We have the greatest message in the world when we declare that Jesus is Lord. When John Wesley sent the first missionaries to America he charged them to do one thing—”offer them Christ.” Those early Methodists became passionate to share that message with every person.

While the Methodists were the last major denomination to come to American soil, they were faithful to their calling to “offer them Christ.” It didn’t take sixty years—they started immediately. But in just over sixty years the Methodists became the largest denomination on American soil.

You and I have a great message. Let’s deliver it today.

Ask God to help you make today the day that the message is sent and received!

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