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Friday, February 12, 2010, was a day for history. I am told that it was the first time in history that every state in the United States had snow on the ground on the same day. There was some question about Hawaii, but I understand there was snow on some of the mountain ranges. There was also snow in Florida and all the southeastern states.

The amazing thing is that the Winter Olympics began in Vancouver and the problem there was the lack of snow. They paid about a million dollars a day to haul snow in to the slopes so they could have snow for the downhill ski runs. But the snow wouldn’t last! Those pictures on TV of the ski slopes looking green were some sight.

Doesn’t God have a sense of humor? Every state in the U. S. with snow and Canada was without snow! It came at the most important time in recent Canadian history when Canada was hosting the Winter Olympics.

It just reminded me that God is God. The more we try to figure out the way He is going to do things, the more surprises He has for us. I can look back at my life and see how well planned I had some things, but God had an entirely different idea. He listened to my plans, and must have laughed, and then proceeded to present a different set of plans. Every time I look back, I see that He was always right!

One of the biggest problems God has had with me is that I tend to think that He is my co-pilot and then remember He is my pilot. He is in total charge and can accomplish things without my help. He sees things so differently from the way I see them.

The Psalmist David discovered that when he talked about how much higher were God’s thoughts than his thoughts – like the mountains above the sea. I think some things are so logical – He shows me how human logic does not compare to His logic. He sees things from a totally different perspective.

Thank you Lord for the snow. It was a lot of fun seeing children and parents engaged in snowball fights and building snowmen. I am thankful that there was enough to enjoy but not enough to shut everything down in the South. I am extremely thankful that we didn’t have to spend several days of shoveling the snow.

Thank you Lord for just reminding me that the best laid human plans are totally irrelevant when Your plan comes into place. May we all learn that Your ways are always best and our responsibility is to be obedient to Your plan.

Lord, do You think Alabama ought to apply for the Winter Olympic site in 2014?

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