Special Partners in Ministry

Special Partners in Ministry

I have some wonderful friends whom I have never met. God connected us through our leadership ministry. One day I am going to meet him and his wife personally.

His name is Ron Easterling. He is a retired minister in Louisiana. Somehow he got connected with this ministry through a blog or radio or podcast. He and his wife Molly started making a monthly financial contribution. He always writes tremendously encouraging letters. We have become partners in ministry.

Ron and Molly visit a lot of people in the area where they live. Our ministry has produced an Armor of God coin along with a little pamphlet. He orders many of those and always leaves one of the pamphlets and Armor of God coins on the door handle. He has some marvelous stories to share about that.

He helped start a new church recently. He wrote me that his church was talking about their ministry together and how God was blessing. They also talked about how individual members would tithe—give ten percent of their income to the church for its ministry.

One layman then asked why the church didn’t tithe. Individuals do it, why not the church? It’s a small church but they decided to give ten percent of their income, and the John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministry was selected as the recipient. Wow, what a blessing. He said, “As long as God enables us, we will continue to support you and your ministry and pray for you and your ministry daily.”

Ron sent a note recently and wrote, “My wife and I have been given a glorious opportunity to witness for our Lord and Savior. For over forty years now I have had the great honor to preach His Word to many. I was fortunate enough to be able to preach the dedication service of the church I started in Granada with the Prime Minister in attendance. My life has been truly blessed.”

He is always careful to remember Karen South, with whom I work here, for her diligence in helping him. He wrote, “Please give my best to Karen as she has helped so much with the coin ministry.”

I especially like the way he concluded his most recent letter. He said, “Until God tells me to retire, we will remain your ministry partner in Christ.” There is so much today being written about retirement. Christians never retire from being Christians and doing Christian work. You may retire from your job, but that just gives you more time to devote to God’s work. In retirement you have more time, energy, resources, and experience than you have ever had. How are you using them?

Retirement should never mean that you are growing old—it should just mean that you are growing in your witness and its effectiveness! Some churches refer to their Older Adult Ministry. I was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Trussville a few months ago. They have a full time minister for people my age and refer to them as “seasoned adults.” I like that!

Thanks Ron and Molly. I hope our paths cross in the future. I look forward to spending eternity with you and hearing the stories of how God used the Armor of God coins to glorify Him!

How are you using your gifts to be a ministry partner—whatever your age?

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