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How Do You Measure Christmas?

Posted on December 14

How Do You Measure Christmas? How can you measure the impact of Christmas on the world? How do you measure the fact that the birth of Jesus placed history into two categories—BC and AD? How do you measure the fact that civilization has continued because of the birth of the Prince of Peace? How do you measure the impact of Christmas? A dignitary from a large country in Europe was visiting the United States on... more »

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Red ornaments hung on Christmas tree.

Is Christmas Over?

Posted on December 26

IS CHRISTMAS OVER? Is Christmas over? December 25th has passed. The gift swapping, parties, cooking, and family get-togethers are now behind us. Some people have heaved a sigh of relief. It is over! Others will begin the task of fighting the crowds to exchange gifts received for the proper size, design, color, etc. Some will start storing some gifts for regifting and future yard sales! December 26th marks the beginning of taking down the decorations. We will store them neatly somewhere... more »

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A classic painting of the Nativity featuring the Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the shepherds.

The First King-Size Bed

Posted on December 18

THE FIRST KING-SIZE BED Early in my 36-year ministry at Frazer, our youth presented a living Nativity scene in front of the church property. People could circle the three church buildings while listening to Christmas music and see the Christmas story. The living Nativity scene was just inside the circle close to the Atlanta Highway. The youth and college students dressed up as angels, shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, and had a doll for the baby Jesus. They... more »

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Christmas presents wrapped in brown paper with red and white string and a red ornament on top.

Christmas Then and Now

Posted on December 11

The question about Christmas is really a question about life. I really don’t know much about the heart of radical generosity – I’m learning. I’m discovering that it is a far better gift than something that is received.

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