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Posted on January 4

ESPN loves Montgomery. While a lot of different cities would like to have a bowl game, Montgomery has two! We just completed the Camellia Bowl on Tuesday, December 27, 2022. I serve on the River Region Sports Commission. This group initiates and promotes sporting events throughout the River Region. Our key person is Johnny Williams, who has a great relationship with ESPN. The chairman of the commission is Dr. Karl Stegall. The Camellia Bowl featured... more »

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Mountain Tops and Valleys

Posted on December 7

Mountain Tops and Valleys Sometimes in life we feel like we are living on a mountaintop. Other times, we feel like we are in the valley. Paul said that we ought to be thankful in all situations of life. (Ephesians 5:20; I Thessalonians 5:18) One of the best examples of this is Coach Jimmy Perry. About thirty years ago, he was one of the top weightlifters in the state and was a runner up to... more »

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Who Really Won?

Posted on November 16

Who Really Won? College football has become big business. The introduction of the NIL-Name Image Likeness—has made it possible for players to get paid huge amounts of money. Some college players are making well over $1 million a year. The introduction of the Transfer Portal has also revolutionized football. If you have a good NIL program, you can get a lot of players out of the transfer portal who add tremendously to your team. Signing... more »

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How Do You Handle Defeat?

Posted on October 26

How Do You Handle Defeat? How do you handle defeats in life? Defeats do come. Nobody wins every time they go on the playing field, or business negotiations, or doctor’s visit, or any venue in life. It’s always fun to win, but how we handle defeat usually tells more about who we really are. The third Saturday in October has become famous because Alabama plays Tennessee in football. It’s an intense rivalry. The relationship between... more »

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John Ed in front of the sign for Fordyce, advertising it as the birthplace of Bear Bryant.

The Bear

Posted on September 30

THE BEAR SEC football has finally started! The SEC has had some great coaches in its history. Many consider Bear Bryant the most influential. Bear coached at the University of Alabama for twenty-five years and won six National Championships. His record at Alabama was 232-46-9. Those nine ties are interesting. I don’t think the Bear would ever go for a tie, so the opposing teams must have tied the Bear. I was speaking in Arkansas... more »

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Joe Burrow, LSU quarterback, at a game.

Counting Stars

Posted on January 22

COUNTING STARS Joe Burrow, quarterback for the LSU Tigers, rewrote the record books this year in college football. He threw 60 touchdown passes, led LSU to victory over 6 teams that were rated in the top 10, and will be the number one player drafted by the pros. He accounted for 6 touchdowns in the National Championship game against the reigning champion, the Clemson Tigers. Amazing season! He was once rated a 2-star player. Burrow went to Ohio State,... more »

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