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Where Are You Going?

Posted on March 8

Where Are You Going? It was advertised as a “flight to nowhere.” Australian Airline Qantas sold out the flight in ten minutes. A spokesman for the airline said, “It’s the fastest selling flight in Qantas history.” It came during the Pandemic. They departed early in the morning and came back to the same airport seven hours later. It made no stops. Buyers quickly bought the 134 available seats. They paid between $575 and $2,765 to... more »

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Pay or Platform

Posted on September 14

Pay or Platform I once heard a successful man who had gone up the ladder in a company giving advice to a group of young people who were just employed. He said, “The way to be successful is to figure out who is boss, and please the boss.” There is a degree of truth in that, but I think a greater truth in understanding our work is that we are here to please God, not... more »

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Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting

Posted on September 7

Quiet Quitting Our nation celebrates Labor Day to honor people who work in various fields of endeavor in order that we might enjoy a better quality of life. People who work a normal 40-hour workweek spend more time working than at any other venue during their waking hours. Work is changing in 2022. People are not staying engaged in their places of employment. More Americans quit their jobs in April than in any other month... more »

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Google sign on top of a building, set against a blue sky.

Why Wins Over When

Posted on February 26

WHY WINS OVER WHEN Google recently unveiled its new “quantum machine” which scientists have been working on since the 1980s. It’s amazing! Cade Metz reports in the New York Times that it needs less than 3 ½ minutes to perform calculations that would take a traditional computer 10,000 years! Wow! This new machine uses the properties of particle-level physics to boost it to exponentially exceed the speed of conventional computers. I don’t have room here to explain to you... more »

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The Latest Word — Weekly Blog

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