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Many of us have a tough time managing our time.  Businesses are offering some solutions.  Timex has come out with a new watch line which produces watches where the hands run backwards.  This way you will never get behind on your time.  It also gives you an excuse for being late.

I understand that the new watches cost between $40-$75.  You can also get them with jumbled figures and upside down design.  If you are really confused about how to use your time, one of these watches might be helpful.

A Dallas clockmaker has tried to help by finding a way to make a little more time available each day.  He has invented a timepiece that operates on a 57.6 second minute.  By shaving 2.4 seconds off each minute, you end up with an extra hour at the end of the day.

The Bible has the best solution.  If we seek first God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6: 33) then other things will fall into their proper place.  Time will be used effectively and produce ultimate satisfaction.

Advent is the time of preparing for the coming of Jesus as a child.  The Bible teaches that He will also come again in the future but gives no time table, and there is no watch that can help you predict it.  Spending our time meaningfully in serving Him prepares us for Christmas and His coming again.

Keeping correct time is not nearly as important as utilizing our time as good stewards.  We are interested in being able to tell time, but how we use our time tells a lot about us.

Seek God’s help in letting your life “tell” what God’s “timing” means in His purpose for your life!

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