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John Wilson was the catcher for the 1999 Kentucky Wildcats baseball team.  He felt fortunate to be able to play baseball because he almost died from gunshot wounds.  His father shot him.

It was a September morning in 1996 in Reseda, California.  John was awakened with the sound of a gunshot.  He was living with his mother, Cindy, who was estranged from John’s dad.  John hurried to the front door and called out to his father.  That is when his father pumped two blasts through the door.  One hit John’s right arm – the other went into his chest, filling his lungs with pellets.

John believed his dad was just trying to blow the locks off the door.  The deputy district attorney of Los Angeles County, Stanley Williams said, “seeing where the second shot hit the door, it was apparent the father knew John was present.”  His father was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

John writes his dad regularly.  He says that he has forgiven his dad and really desires to have a good relationship with him.  He said it was tough, but he has forgiven his dad.

John finished the season batting .370 and was one of the leaders in the SEC in homeruns.  But his biggest accomplishment in life is his ability to forgive.

There is only one way to deal with any kind of wrongdoing – and that is forgiveness.  Any fool can fight – but a real Christian is one who forgives.

Join me in the “forgiving” lifestyle!

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