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We oftentimes hear a description of something as being crazy.  That word can carry many connotations.  Let me share how it has been used recently in a very positive manner.

I had the privilege of officiating at the wedding for Colin and Alex Henig Jones a few years ago.  They are a wonderful Christian couple.  They have one daughter Adeline who is 5 years old.  When Alex was pregnant with their second daughter, Maddox, she had a very interesting experience.

Alex kept having a sense from God that she and Colin could bless some couple in some way.  It became apparent that God was leading her to suggest that she become a surrogate mother for some couple who could not have children.  Her first thought was “That’s crazy!”

When she went for her next checkup she said to her Godly doctor, Dr. Greg Waller, “I want to tell you the craziest thing.”  Then she shared about her feeling that God was leading her to be a surrogate mother.  Dr. Waller’s first response was “That is crazy!”  He then told her to wait until she delivered her own second child and then they would talk about it.

After Maddox was born, Alex became more and more convinced that it was God’s will for her to do this.  Her husband Colin was in agreement.  It is amazing how sometimes God calls us to do things that everybody else thinks is “crazy.”  But Alex was deeply committed to following God’s will for her life.

Dr. Waller understands God’s leadership.  He said he would help her pursue this.  He called a doctor friend of his who is an in vitro doctor in Mobile and told him about the situation.  At that very moment a young man who was a medical rep, who regularly called on the doctor in Mobile, walked in and shared how he and his wife would love to find someone to be a surrogate since his wife could not carry a child.  The in vitro doctor said, “I have got just the person for you.”

The doctor put this medical rep and his wife together with Colin and Alex.  Alex explained to them that she felt God was leading her to do this.  She also wanted them to know it was her faith that was the key factor in her decision to do this.

When Alex was about six months pregnant as a surrogate, she told her 5-year old and 2-year old what she was doing.  She explained that her tummy was really strong, but the other lady’s tummy was not strong enough to carry a baby.  She said that she and their daddy had decided to help them have a child by using her strong tummy to carry the baby.  She looked at her 5-year-old who exclaimed, “Mommy, that is really crazy!”

Most folks who know about this have said, “I could never do that.”  God calls all of us to do different things.  The important thing is that we respond positively when God leads us.  While the world might think something is crazy, God smiles and invites us to respond!  Read Luke 1:26-38.

The doctors raised the following question, “Who will hold the new baby first?”  Expecting Alex to request that privilege, in her own self-giving spirit, Alex said, “I think the parents need to hold the baby first.  I am here to act as an instrument God uses to deliver them a gift.”  On March 9, 2015, a happy young couple held a healthy baby girl, which was God’s gift through Alex.

Alex also commented about how important Christmas was this year.  Being pregnant as a surrogate mother gave her a new concept of what it means to give.

Is God up to anything crazy with you?

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