The New Normal

A mask is set aside as the world enters a New Normal.


As most states are relaxing restrictions on businesses and confinement, people are talking about returning to normal. Normal will not be normal as we’ve known it! There will be a New Normal!

Read Deuteronomy 28. Moses is leading the people into the Promised Land. If they obey God,  it will be a New Normal. He describes where they’ve been, and where they’re going. They have a choice to make – obey God and the New Normal, or the old normal will be more detrimental than ever!

Here is my vision of what our New Normal could be:

  1. We will daily ask God to cleanse our hearts as we continue the lifestyle of washing our hands more often. A clean heart is a better defense than clean hands! (Ps. 51:10)
  2. We will continue practicing social distancing, but we will also practice sin distancing. This will help us make a better selection of the things we read, hear, and see. (Phil 4:8)
  3. We will honor wearing face coverings as long as necessary, but we will take off our hypocritical face coverings that are not transparent or real. The New Normal will be truth – not deception.
  4. We will continue making our homes safer from physical germs, but we will be more intentional about keeping our homes safe from the germs of jealousy, unwholesome words, selfish motives,  pornography, fear, foul language, etc. (Joshua 24:15)
  5. We will continue to practice less than 50% occupancy of buildings until we move into the New Normal of seeing our churches and worship centers overflowing at 100% capacity with eager worshipers. (Ps. 122:1)
  6. As the need for quarantine diminishes, many are saying that we will practice “revenge spending” and go out and buy things just to show that we can. The New Normal will be “grateful giving” to churches, nonprofit ministries, etc. to show God and the world that the New Normal has introduced us to new priorities of how we use our resources. (Matt 5:19, 20)
  7. The old normal was ugly, vitriolic, disgusting half-truths spoken by people on TV, social media, and in person. The New Normal will be respect, kindness, truth, and words of encouragement. (Galatians 5:22,23)
  8. The old normal was measured by the stock market, unemployment numbers, the GNP, audience approval ratings, etc. The New Normal will be measured by how well we are loving God and all people. (Matt. 22:37-40)
  9. The old normal was complacency about sharing our faith, but the New Normal will be a great revival of carrying out the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:20.
  10. The old normal was rules and regulations to protect me and others. The New Normal will be liberating relationships that provide what God desires as best for me and others.
  11. The old normal was defined by the spread of COVID-19. The New Normal will be defined by the spread of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. (Phil 2:10, 11)
  12. People will discuss with friends, small groups, and family what to add to this list.

Moses reminded the Israelites that they had a choice to make – obey God and enter a marvelous, exciting New Normal, or go back to the old normal and live with those consequences.

What’s your choice?

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