The Power of Purpose

The Power of Purpose

Mark Twain said that there are two most important days in your life—the first is the day that you were born, and the second is the day that you know why you were born.

The sports world saw this demonstrated in the past few weeks with the life of a quarterback for the University of Alabama. Jalen Milroe was a starter at the first of the season. He had a couple of bad games and was benched. Alabama fans were ready to put him in the transfer portal.

Then, the offensive coordinator redesigned some of the offense around the gifts that he had. He began to flourish. He came back as a starter and Alabama won the rest of their games.

Alabama was trailing Auburn with a few seconds left and had 4th and 31 yards. The sports predictors indicated that Alabama would have a .01% chance of scoring. But Milroe knew his purpose. When you know your purpose, .01% is adequate. Alabama scored and won.

Then Alabama went against the number one team in the nation, the Georgia Bulldogs, who had a 29-game winning streak. Alabama came back to win that game and Milroe was the most valuable player.

How did this happen in two straight games? Following the Auburn game, he was questioned by reporters about how he overcame being benched, then coming back. What was his secret? He made this statement, “I had my purpose before they had their opinion.”

In the championship game, he was interviewed twice, first on the field following the game and then on the platform receiving the Most Valuable Player trophy. Both times he was asked the secret of overcoming almost impossible odds. Twice he answered, “I had my purpose before they had their opinion.” That’s the power of purpose!

He wasn’t the first Alabama quarterback to make that statement this year. Jalen Hurts had been the quarterback at Alabama, then was also benched, and eventually he transferred to Oklahoma. He went on to have a great career and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles. He could be the most valuable player in the National Football League this year!

He also was asked that question about how he could overcome so many adversities. He gave the same answer, “Before they had their opinions, I had my purpose.” That’s the power of purpose!

I just had a new book published last week on this very topic. It’s entitled, “Why Am I Here.” It’s 54 life lessons to help everybody answer that question.

When you know your purpose, it makes other decisions easy. If you don’t know your purpose, you do a lot of guessing about what you ought to do. Derric Johnson says, “If you have a WHY in life, you can always find a HOW!”

The book was published by my ministry for $10.00. It can be purchased at Henig Furs, Adams Drugs, the Locker Room, Mathison Interiors in Auburn, the Frazer bookstore, and our office which is in Henig Furs. If you would like to order one, the cost is $10.00 plus postage.

Do you know why you are here? As Milroe and Hurts would say, “I had my purpose before they had their opinion.” Discover the power of purpose!

Do you have your purpose?

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