The Priority of Every Believer

The Priority of Every Believer

Last week, I received the best pastor appreciation expression ever. The person sending the email probably had no idea it was pastor appreciation month. He just wanted to share an incident that made an eternal difference in his life. I confess I don’t really remember the situation, but oftentimes our best witness is made when we don’t realize it.

Scott Chaney sent me the following email:

John Ed Mathison, I just want to publicly honor you. You won’t remember me. I’ll never forget you!

In March of 1992, (Sunday the 22nd to be exact), I went to Frazier Methodist for the first time. My friend and fellow baseball playing buddy had been in a serious accident and was in bad shape. After the service, I nervously walked up and asked if you’d come be with his family. You graciously said you would.

That afternoon, as we got the news he had passed, I shuffled out of the waiting room with a broken heart and tears in my eyes. I glanced to my left down the hall just in time to see you walk into his room.

I cannot tell you what that meant to me!

That night, alone in my apartment at Eagle Landing, I gave my life to Jesus. You played a big-time role in it. I just wanted you to know on this side of eternity. I’ve got forever to thank you up there!

Changing the population of Heaven is the best thing for which a person could be thanked. This is not just for pastors—it’s for every person. If you are a believer, you are a witness!

My pastor, Chris Montgomery, has said recently on two different occasions, “Satan knows he cannot take away your salvation so it’s okay for you to go to Heaven. What Satan tries to do is to keep you from taking anybody with you.”

What are the best words you would like to hear from Jesus when you walk through the pearly gates? Would it be “Come on in. I’m anxious to introduce you to a lot of people that you sent ahead of you.” Someone wrote, “God’s glad—Satan’s mad—he lost a lad he thought he had.”

John Wesley said, “You have one business on earth—to save souls.” Carl Henry said, “The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time.” You might be the person determining whether it gets there in time.

The first thing Andrew did when he chose to follow Jesus was to go and find his brother, Peter, and introduce him to Jesus. (John 1:40-43) He carried his brother to heaven with him!

`Every Christian in every church should remember—the main thing is to know what the main thing is and to keep the main thing the main thing. Every day is an opportunity to introduce somebody to Jesus Christ.

Two questions:  Are you going to Heaven and who are you taking with you?

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