The Ultimate Thirst Quencher

Water is a thirst quencher, but living water is even better.


Drinking water is essential to our health. We can live a lot of days without food but only a few days without water. Pure water is becoming a challenge.

This is a huge problem because lead contamination in water can damage a child’s health. Low levels of lead have been linked to serious, irreversible damage to developing brains. Experts are now saying that there is no safe level of lead in drinking water.

Newark, New Jersey’s largest city, received a report in June 2019 that the city violated a federal action level for lead in drinking water. Water filters were passed out to residents, but the water filters were not sufficiently filtering enough of the lead out of the water. Also, bottled water was passed out to residents.

The challenge goes far beyond New Jersey. We recently learned that lawsuits have been filed against government officials in Michigan and other states.

Many Americans may have been exposed to unsafe drinking water. One study reported by USA Today found that tens of millions of Americans could be exposed to unsafe drinking water in any given year. Another study has shown that somewhere between 9 million and 45 million Americans have used drinking water that came from a source in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. A new study claims that 43 states exposed millions of people to dangerous chemicals in drinking water. I inquired and learned that the water in Montgomery, Alabama is safe!

We might get help from IBM’s development of “E-Tongue,” which analyzes what is in a drink. When the “E-Tongue” device is dunked in a glass of something wet, it uses an array of electrochemical sensors to determine the liquid’s composition. It is then sent to a cloud where an artificial intelligence program compares it to a database of all known liquids. The device is capable of accurately distinguishing different brands of bottled water! The “E-Tongue” will record what you are actually drinking.

Jesus met a woman at a well who was looking for water to drink. He said that God had a wonderful gift for her – living water. Anyone who drinks the living water Jesus gives won’t get thirsty again. This living water will be a perpetual spring within you, watering you forever with eternal life! (John 4:10-13) That water is more than pure!

God has also provided a device, the Bible, to help us determine what is in the ideas, discussions, philosophies, etcetera, that we “drink from” every day. It doesn’t use artificial intelligence, but Godly intelligence. It comes from a God who lives beyond “the cloud.” I’m not sure what the “E-Tongue” will cost, but God offers his grace freely to give living water to anyone who will receive it. Drink deeply of His water that will never lose its purity and never run dry!

Be aware of impure water. Be more aware of consuming impure, false, ungodly ideas, etcetera. Test everything you “drink from” today by God’s Word!

The living water Jesus gives is the ultimate thirst quencher!

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