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God has blessed me by putting some wonderful people in my path. Several years ago I met John Brantner, a Colonel in the Air Force. We played a lot of tennis and racquetball. He and his wife, Karen, who was also a Colonel, retired here in Montgomery and are great leaders at Frazer U.M.C.

Very early I met their son David. When he was in elementary school David would periodically suffer from brief “episodes” where he became completely disoriented. This occurred both in school and while playing sports. No tests proved conclusive as to the source of the problem. The “episodes” were a challenge in all phases of his life.

David went to the University of Alabama. He constantly had to rely on friends to accompany him to places where he would go, including class. He never knew when one of the “episodes” might take place.

In the summer of his junior year, 2002, he visited the Kirklin Clinic at the UAB hospital. It was there that he was diagnosed with “Right Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.”

A lot of different medications were unsuccessful. It appeared that surgery would be the most productive course of action. The surgeon described the potential benefits of being seizure free. He also wanted the Brantners to know that there were potential risks, which ranged from death, blindness, mental degradation, and hearing loss.

In making a decision the Brantners asked for prayer from their church, family, and friends. The answer was surgery, which was scheduled for June 2003.

John and Karen Brantner did something interesting. They purchased a Honda Accord for David prior to the surgery. They parked it in front of the house. When David saw the car he asked, “Whose car is that?” His parents told him that the car was for him after the surgery. David’s response was “Wow! You really believe this surgery is going to be successful. You really believe that I will be able to drive.”

The result is that the surgery was successful. David has remained seizure free. He presently is in his first year of medical school pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

John and Karen helped David see a vision that he would be able to drive. They even purchased a car. It became his symbol of what could be. The car communicated their faith, vision, and optimism.

God has a plan and purpose for each of us. He wants us to see the possibilities of reaching His goal for us. He gave Moses the picture of the “land flowing with milk and honey.” (Exodus 3:8) When the people of Israel wanted to quit and go back to Egypt, Moses stayed focused on the Promised Land!

What is your vision of where God wants you to be in one year – five years – twenty years? How do you “see” God redefining the possible through you?

God has your car ready. Start driving!

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