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LOOKING FOR A GIFT FOR A GRADUATING SENIOR? A good possibility would be to give a copy of the tablet version for iPad, Kindle or Nook of John Ed Mathison’s book “When God Redefines the Possible.” Every graduating senior needs to see God’s possibilities for the future. These 52 life lessons can make a big difference in their future. The cost is $4.99 per book.

If you are a Sunday School teacher, covenant group leader, or close friend of some of these high school graduates, this is creative way of keeping in contact this next year. Each life lesson contains three or four questions. A way to stay in contact would be to work with one or more of them each week to answer the questions by email. It is a good way to stay in contact and a good way to continually help each other grow.

A possibility would be to engage several of the high school seniors with these questions and answers each week. If you are a teacher, what a great way to continue teaching.

Maybe you would like to share this information with some Sunday School teacher.

Many of the life lessons contain videos from John Ed which help make the lesson come to life. There are other interactive tools that help compliment learning the lessons.

Listed below are the instructions of how to gift “When God Redefines the Possible,” from iTunes and Amazon.

Step 1: Open iTunes and go to the iTunes Store and search for John Ed Mathison’s When God Redefines The Possible. It will bring you to a screen with an arrow next to the price of the book. Select the down arrow.


Step 2: After selecting the down arrow, a drop down menu will appear. Select Gift This Book and an order menu will appear. 

Step 3: After selecting Gift This Book, you will need to enter the email address of the person you are sending the book to.  One completed, select NEXT and you will complete the purchase and send the book to your recipient. 


Step 4: If you would like to gift the book through Amazon, open the book page and then select the Give As A Gift option to the right. 


Print copies of the book are available through John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries. They are $10 a piece. For groups of ten or more there is a 20% discount.

Give a gift that helps you stay connected and keeps on teaching.

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