Part of my participation in Bill Bright’s Billion Soul Campaign was to teach pastors in India. I would fly tourist class to Chennai, India, 33 hours from Montgomery, and arrive on Saturday. I would preach Sunday at The New Life Church (which averages over 45,000 people on Sunday,) and then teach 1,500 pastors for three days. I would then fly back to New Delhi to teach 1,500 more pastors for three days.

I had a 10 ½ hour time change. Getting in on Saturday, I knew that waking up on Sunday morning could be a challenge. I needed a wake-up call. My alarm went off, I heard it, I got up, and I was at church on time.

A wake-up call is important.  Paul writes, “Knowing the time, it is already the hour for you to wake up from sleep.” (Romans 13:11)  He warned them – he gave a clear call to WAKE UP.  I believe that God’s call to America this July 2024 is to know the time–and to WAKE UP!

  1. WAKE UP TO OUR HERITAGE!! The Western world was discovered by Columbus who sailed where no one had sailed before. He made it clear that he was directed, not by maps or mathematics, but by the guiding hand of God.

    Our Founding Fathers were willing to give their lives so that we might have the freedoms we enjoy today. They made strong statements about their faith in God as being the reason for their signing documents that could cost them their lives. In my book “Where Is America Headed,” you can read the stories of our forefathers who clearly stated the dominant role that God, the Bible, and religion played in the establishment of this nation. You can order it through our website, www.johnedmathison.org.
  2. WAKE UP TO OUR HEROES!!  We enjoy our freedoms today because of a lot of heroes.  You can go out to any military cemetery and see endless rows of white crosses.  Each of them represents someone who gave his/her life so that you might enjoy your freedoms.  Please don’t ever take that lightly.

    Kids love heroes.  Real heroes are not those who display courage without weakness – but rather a hero is one who displays courage despite his/her weaknesses.  Heroes are people who stand with courage in times of controversy, challenge, danger and war.  

    Col. Bill Lawley was given the Congressional Medal of Honor because of his heroism in saving the lives of many aboard his B17 aircraft in 1944.  He was buried with military honors.  Bill Lawley told his friends, “I don’t consider myself as having won the Medal of Honor.  It’s not a competition.  I was just doing my duty.” WAKE UP and give thanks for so many people who are “just doing my duty.”
  3. WAKE UP TO OUR HOPE!!  It’s easy to be lulled to sleep in today’s culture by thinking our hope for the future is in military might or money or political power or superior intelligence or education – the list goes on and on.   But we must wake up to know that our ultimate hope is in God and God alone!  

    David writes, “Unless the Lord guards a city, guarding it with soldiers will do no good.” (Psalm 127:1) “A war horse is a poor risk for winning victories – it is strong, but it cannot save…We depend upon the Lord alone to save us.” (Psalm 33:17, 20) Jeremiah writes, “Lord, You alone are our hope.” (17:17) “There is hope for your future, says the Lord.” (31:17)

What time is it?  Time to WAKE UP!!

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