What Do You Ask God For?

Classic painting of God the Father communicating with Solomon (cropped out) in a dream.
Classic painting of God talking to Solomon in a dream by Luca Giordano.


What if God stopped you right now and said that He would give you anything that you asked for? Anything! What would you ask for?

This happened to Solomon. II Chronicles 1 records how David passed the mantle of leadership to his son, Solomon. People came to Jerusalem to celebrate the new king. (v.1-6) That night, God appeared to Solomon and said, “Ask me for anything and I will give it to you.” Wow! He could ask for and get anything! (v.7) Solomon replied by saying that God had already given him everything he wanted. (v.8)

Then Solomon makes his request: “Give me wisdom and knowledge to rule them properly, for who is able to govern by himself such a great nation as this one of yours?” (v.10) That’s humility! That’s servant leadership!

We desperately need servant leaders in our churches, families, communities, nation, and world who seek God’s wisdom and knowledge so that they might lead properly!

Solomon offers this formula for servant leadership:

  1. Recognize the huge offer and opportunity. Everybody is a leader at some level. God’s offer to you has no boundaries except the ones you set.
  2. Request wisdom and knowledge to lead above personal gain. Servant leaders know what they can’t do, but what God can do! Leadership can create the temptation for a leader to utilize a position of leadership for personal gain.
  3. Remember who made possible your position of leadership. Solomon knew that it came from God. He didn’t select David as his father. He was a part of God’s plan. A leader knows his position and purpose were provided by Him.
  4. Receive God’s wisdom and guidance and the blessings He wants to pour out upon you. Leaders will have many people offer answers – God will always have the right answer! Accept God’s answer and act on it.
  5. Response of God – Because Solomon did not ask for personal wealth, or honor, or a long life, or a curse on his enemies, God responds in verses 13-17 saying that He would give him such riches, wealth, and honor as no other king has ever had before him. He promised that there would never be a greater king in all the world. In fact, His promises were so big that it was described that during Solomon’s reign, silver and gold were as plentiful in Jerusalem as rocks on the road. (v.15)

Every person is a leader at some level. The opportunities and temptations of leadership are evident at every level. The necessity of asking God for the right things is as important to the person leading two people as to the person who’s leading two billion people!

When you pray today, God will confront you with His offer. Learn from Solomon. God has placed you where you are to be a servant leader!

What are you going to ask God for today?

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