What is Your AQ – Age Quotient?

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Quotient Quizes #27 – If you didn’t know how old you are, how old would you be?  That’s a very interesting question that has been phrased in different ways, and it has always stuck with me.

Our age is not just about a number of days.  How much living we put into our days is more important than how many days we live. (Tweet this)  Age is a relative term.  Some people are old at 40 – others are still young at 90!

I recently preached at Felders Camp Meeting which is near McComb, Mississippi.  The camp ground has 68 large cabins, and each one is filled with people of all ages.  They must have had 200 bicycles, and kids were riding them everywhere.  There were also a lot of rocking chairs for the older crowd, and they were being well used.

The worship services were held in a big tabernacle that seats about 500-plus people.  It is open air and has about 20 ceiling fans.  They meet in July – and that’s not the coolest time in Mississippi!

One night at the worship service, the host pastor asked people to stand from their home states.  People stood representing about 18 different states including Washington State and Arizona.

He then said he would like to determine the oldest and youngest person there.  The youngest was a 5-week old baby who enjoyed sleeping during my sermons.  The oldest person was a 102-year old lady from Atlanta, Georgia who attended every morning and evening worship service.  In talking to her, I asked her what was one of her biggest challenges, and she said, “It’s driving my car in Atlanta.”  She said she tries to avoid the interstates there. She’s still young at 102 years old!  She’s going strong.

Johanna Quaas is a German 91-year old gymnast.  She is amazing.  This former sports teacher works out an hour every day and competes in gymnastic events all over the world.  At a Berlin contest, she recently demonstrated her prowess on the parallel bars, holding her body in a perfect horizontal plank and lifting her legs in a split above her head.  Wow!  She’s still young at 91.

Robert Marchand is officially dubbed the fastest 105-year old on two wheels.  He is a veteran French cyclist.  This year he set a new World record in his age category.  He rode 14 miles in one hour.  When he completed 92 laps at a velodrome outside Paris, he received a standing ovation.  His first comment was that he could have done better.  He said, “I didn’t see the sign warning me I had ten minutes left, otherwise I could have gone faster.”  He’s still young at 105 years old!

One of the most encouraging statements I ever received came from my grandson, Si, whose nickname is Mat.  On  my 79th birthday, he said to me, “Wow Pop Pop, you got a lot of living left in you!”  I feel pretty young!

How old would you be if you didn’t know your birth date?  Ben Franklin said, “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.”  King David said, “Now that I am old and my hair is gray, don’t leave me, God.  I must tell the next generation about your power and greatness” (Psalm 71:18).   Love deeply and tell people about what God is doing in your life – that will keep you young!

I figure most everybody reading this is somewhere between the ages of that 5-week old baby and that 102-year old lady from Atlanta.  Whatever your age – ask God what He wants you to do today – and do it.

What’s your AQ – Age Quotient?

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