What’s Church Really About?

What’s Church Really About?

On Sunday, November 12, 2023, I was preaching at Wesley Gardens Retirement Home at 9:30 am. My dad, Si Mathison, and my mother-in-law, Jo Frith, lived there for a few years. They both received a great ministry from the people at Wesley Gardens. I appreciate all that they do, and I am glad to contribute to their ministry in any way possible.

Following that worship service, I decided to hurry over to Frazer for the 11:00 Contemporary worship. Because I’m preaching somewhere most every Sunday morning, I had not been able to attend recently at Frazer. Wow, did I have an experience!

The music was energetic and lively. The sermon by Dr. Chris Montgomery was, as usual, powerful. He has the capacity to both bring God’s conviction and God’s encouragement to meet people wherever they find themselves.

At the end of the worship, there were baptisms by immersion. The first was a young elementary child who had attended the Bible school program during the summer. She told her teacher she wanted to invite Jesus to live in her heart. The teacher, along with the young girl’s parents prayed in the Atrium when the little girl made that decision. She wanted to be baptized. That’s what church is really about!

Next, there were about nine members of a Laotian family. I remember when they first came to Montgomery in the 1980s looking for people of faith. A wonderful lady, Loette Lee, helped them with the language barrier and obstacles they had to overcome to find a place to live and work. At Frazer, they found a loving church family who cared for them. Loette helped them get acclimated for employment and navigating the English language. Over the years, the couple had children and grandchildren. This Sunday in 2023, eight members of the family wanted to make a public profession of their faith in Christ and be baptized. Wow, that’s what church is about!

Then there was a young couple who came for baptism. The man’s father had retired as a Pastor and moved to the Montgomery area. He had been attending Frazer as his son and daughter-in-law had. They wanted to make a commitment to Christ and have his dad baptize them. That’s what church is about!

There was an older gentleman who made a commitment to Christ and was baptized. People of all ages are coming to Christ and being baptized! That’s what church is about!

Then there was a young football player from Huntingdon College. He had accepted Christ and wanted to be baptized. His coach had been the one who had led him to Christ, so his coach participated in the baptism. Now that’s what coaching, and church are really about!

In each of these baptisms when the person baptized came up out of the water, there was a huge ovation from the congregation. I love sports, and I love to see my team score. The genuine cheers and clapping from a church congregation was like Heavenly music to my ears!

Thank you, Lord, for a great day of worship. It inspires me and convicts me about my responsibility of being a part of a church that is “turning the world upside down.” Thank you for churches that know and practice what church is really about!

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