What’s Your AQ – Attitude Quotient?

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(Quotient Quizes #11)   When an event happens in life, we tend to label it as either good or bad.  I am growing to believe more and more that the event is not good or bad – it’s our attitude toward that event that is good or bad.

Two men experienced similar situations in their lives.  Both of them lost their jobs.  The immediate reaction was that it was a very bad thing.  For one person it was very bad.  He became depressed and disillusioned.  He lost confidence and became a very negative person.  He found ways to blame other people for his ineffectiveness.  He found excuses.  Losing his job was a miserable experience for him.

The other man also lost his job.  His attitude was to ask the question – “God, is there something different that you want me to be doing with my life?”  Instead of blaming and making excuses and becoming negative, he began looking for ways that God might be leading him in a different direction.  He began to network with people.  He began to assess God’s calling on his life.  God opened a door for him in a different field which has made all the difference in the world.  He sees his new vocation as a platform to live out his faith.  He is now the happiest person!

Two men with the same experience – one has a negative response and one has a positive response.  It is not the event itself, but the attitude that we have toward that event.

Two other men had a very similar situation.  Both men were called into their employer’s office.  Both were complimented on how much they had each contributed to the company.  Both were given big promotions and big salary raises.  The immediate reaction was that this was a very good thing.

For one man, the promotion and pay raise created in him an arrogant attitude.  He began to feel like he alone was responsible for all his accomplishments.  He soon forgot the help other people gave him.  He became a boss instead of a leader.  People resented him.  The big raise in salary created the illusion that he could buy anything he wanted.  His standard of living escalated, and it became higher than his income.  That big promotion led to disrespect from his peers, financial troubles, and challenges within his own family.

The other man received a similar promotion and raise.  His attitude was entirely different.  He thanked God for giving him this opportunity and blessing.  He saw this promotion as an opportunity to help the people he supervised become better employees.  He learned how to lead people rather than boss them.  The extra money he made did not lead him to a lavish lifestyle.  His grateful attitude prompted him to give more than ever to Godly causes.  That promotion helped him to become a better husband, father, friend and leader.

Similar things happened – yet there were two different attitudes and results.

Human beings have a huge capacity to mess up the best or worst things that happen.  God has the capacity to make the best out of the worst and best situations.  It all depends on whether we ask God to give us the proper attitude to handle all situations.  Paul writes, “Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:5).

I believe how far we go in life is greatly determined by our attitude.  Aptitude is not nearly as important as attitude in determining our altitude for living. (Tweet this)

Here’s good news!  While our IQ – intelligence quotient – is difficult to improve, our AQ – attitude quotient – can always be greatly adjusted and improved.  God is in the attitude adjustment business.

What is your AQ – Attitude Quotient?

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