When I first saw that Valiant Cross Academy had won the YASS Prize of $1 million, I thought it said the “YES” prize and I began thinking about a “YES” prize. Saying “YES” to God can bring life that is worth more than $1 million!

Think about people in the Bible who said “YES” to God:

When the angel appeared to Mary and said that she was going to have a child, her first response was that would have to be a mistake because she was not married. The angel explained that God was in the business of doing the impossible. When she understood that, she said “YES,” and look at the result! (Luke 1:38)

When Jesus started His ministry, He invited some fishermen and people without social status to be His disciples. They must have wondered why in the world would He be choosing them. What kind of mistake had He made. They didn’t even know where they were going or any of the plans for how they would live. They could have said “No” but said “YES.” Look at the result. (Matthew 4:19-20)

Peter had such a great ministry to the Jewish population in presenting the Christian gospel. Then an angel appeared to him and said that he needed to go and preach to the Gentiles. His first reaction was probably a big “No.” That was not in his plans and ran counter to how he had been trained.

But instead, Peter said “YES.” He went and all of a sudden, the Christian faith spread to the Gentile communities. (Acts 10:7-48) Many of you reading this are Gentiles. Where would you be if Peter had said “No.” Fortunately for me and many of us, Peter said “YES.”

Think about the young man Stephen. He discovered that his invitation involved his losing his life to stoning. He could have said “No,” because his call didn’t include guarantees. He simply said “YES” and dies as the first Christian martyr. But his saying “YES” led to the conversion of Saul who became Paul. (Acts 7:58-60)

The Old Testament is filled with people who said “YES.” When God called Moses, he offered all kinds of excuses, but God continued to extend His call and Moses flipped from being a “No” to a “YES.” Look what Moses did because of “YES.”

What if Daniel had said he didn’t understand why God would put him in his position of leadership. He certainly wasn’t figuring on the fact that he would have to go to a lion’s den. He could have said “No,” but he said “YES”, and his “YES” led God to close the mouths of lions and redecorate the lion’s den where Daniel was safe and comfortable. His “YES” led to new areas of leadership.

I could continue to name the Old Testament characters like Abraham and Rahab and Noah. Any one of them by human logic could have said “No,” but they said “YES”, and the world is different today because of their “YES.”

In 2024, how are you going to respond to God? Our human nature is to say “No” to things if they require a risk, a danger, or unforeseen consequences. God majors in doing miracles when we say “YES.”

You can be a Yes Prize winner too by saying “YES” to God’s call and experiencing the prize of a life which a million dollars won’t buy!

No or YES?

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